Reaching the Invisible Consumer


Feed a cookie to a user, and you can track them online with a high degree of reliability – assuming they’re not set up to deflect cookies. When channeled into such a monitoring system, marketers have the means to deliver targeted ads at just the right moment.

Cookie-trackers, of course, were created long ago for users plugged into laptops and desktops. But smartphones and tablets have changed the game in a big way.  Users glued to mobile devices are virtually invisible to cookies. In fact, cookies often completely crumble on these portable devices.

So where does all this put brand marketers intent on delivering targeted ads to mobile users? Stuck in a rut … unless they reshape their tactics for the smartphone set. Luckily, social sites, particularly Facebook and Twitter, provide a ready answer for mobile marketers. Rather than tap cookies for tracking info, marketers can zero in on the readily-accessible profiles of social users. Targeted ads can then be created and custom-matched to each profile group.

Remember, things move quickly in the mobile universe; users can and do tap their way from place to place in nanoseconds. Therefore, targeted content for smartphone and tablet users must have a magnetic pull and a high engagement factor. Articles, videos, and other content that delivers anything less, will likely become online debris.

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