Qure Alkaline Water dives into digital with Young Company

Newport Beach, CA – March 3, 2016

Qure Alkaline Water dives into digital with Young Company – March 3, 2016

Drinking alkaline water is all about balance. Balancing the high acidity in our western diet. Qure is a new brand of water developed using an exclusive QURATION mineral process that works by ionizing meticulously purified pristine clean water through several layers of mineral beds composed of a proprietary blend of natural alkaline minerals.

The process was modeled after how nature makes natural spring water. Except Qure Water is cleaner because QURE is cleaned free of any traces of contaminants such as the ones spring waters may be exposed to during its travel underground and through the wilderness. The prized result is a pristine purified water with a perfect mineral to water ratio that gives QURE its smooth silky taste with a strong and stable alkaline pH of 9.5+ to counterbalance an over-acidic lifestyle.


Young Company is delighted to be selected by Qure to build brand awareness and differentiate Qure from the dozens of bottled water choices today. Qure is available online and at supermarkets throughout Southern California. To find one near you, go to www.qurewater.com