Is Your Public Relations New Age or Stone Age?

Is Your Public Relations New Age or Stone Age?

Everything evolves. Even Public Relations. PR practices of even a decade ago belong in the Stone Age. Things move that fast. Look at new age public relations, and you’ll see a completely different beast.

A time traveler from the year 2000 probably wouldn’t recognize contemporary PR. “What happened to mailing press releases to newspapers and magazines?” the visitor would stammer.  Well, friend, digital happened. Paper hasn’t vanished from the public relations universe, it’s just taken a back seat to contemporary practices that define new age PR.

Let’s take modern press releases. It’s been eons since they’ve traveled by snail mail. And for good reason. Paper has been rendered obsolete by e-press releases. With a few clicks, marketers can send their news story to hundreds of relevant websites across the globe. An environmental organization, for instance, can target a slew of green destinations. It means connecting with built-in audiences by the hundreds.

Metrics form another important component of new age PR. Thanks to an onslaught of measuring tools, marketers can gauge the correlation between their PR efforts and the number of website visitors. Adjustments can be made as needed. Metrics also provide a clear picture of the impact specific efforts had on generating new leads, as well as which touch points contributed to conversions.

In the new age of PR, content is available by the truckload. The landscape has become so saturated, in fact, that consumers are plucking only the choicest offerings. There just aren’t enough nanoseconds in the day to digest it all. To grab eyes and ears, PR content must radiate value. This means your beloved words and images are relevant, informative, and engaging. Nothing else will cut through the content clutter. Drab, draggy sales fodder is definitely Stone Age.

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