Proper Packaging: It’s What’s Outside That Counts

Proper Packaging

For brand marketers, it’s all about paving the way to success. The paving is done by developing and unleashing precision-crafted marketing strategies. All this, of course, takes place before the product hits the shelf or web page. Once it’s there, a new force intervenes – the force of package design.

It’s all part of the grand scheme of things. Content whisks you to the goal line. But very often, packaging plows through the opposition and carries the ball over. Given this fact, it’s a good idea to ensure your product packaging is vigorous enough for the task.

A good place to start is the curiosity factor. Essentially, effective product packaging triggers an irresistible urge – an unshakeable craving to know what’s inside the box, wrapper, or other merchandise container.

The curiosity principle goes double when a product occupies shelf space in a brick-and-mortar outpost. Obviously, this physical presence has a tangibility edge over the digital image. Consequently, the curiosity trigger is much more immediate. The prize is right there to open and clutch.

Personalization is one of the prime curiosity-stokers. Depending on target demographic, package imagery and content can create instant brand identity. An effective outer covering plays precisely to consumer tastes, priorities, and lifestyle. The product is for them.

This is not a guessing game. Ample research data is necessary to create a suitable customer profile. If you come up short in this department, remedial steps are necessary. Collect the data before you hunker down to design the package.

Brand marketers also should focus on another critical motivator – trust. The effective package design tells the consumer ‘everything’s alright inside.’ How is this accomplished? Through the strategic placement of important information. For instance, the package of a health-promoting product might announce key features such as 100% triple-organic, made with rain forest runoff, or other trust-building facts. Supporting imagery can help fortify the message, underscoring the importance of this information with compelling visual cues.

If you have questions or comments about packing design for your brand, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.