While the lion’s share of attention is focused on Facebook these days, marketers shouldn’t ignore the impact to be made with Twitter. This lesser-used of the social media mainstays still ranks high when it comes to drawing followers. But as they do with other channels, brand marketers hoping to win over the hearts and minds of Twitter fans must build solid connections. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to understand those who’ve chosen to follow. Fortunately, the social media site offers several important analytic tools to help develop this all-important understanding.


The Engagement Metric – By allowing marketers to track tweets, re-tweets, likes, and clicks, Twitter offers instant engagement insights. The actions that engage best can be regarded as building blocks for future content and information.


The Time Factor – They say that timing is everything, and the validity of this wisdom is evident in the Tweeting universe. Determine which part of the day has the greatest impact on users, and focus your Tweets on this tick of the clock.


Understanding – Your followers reveal a great deal about themselves. Therefore, your communications should resonate with their known characteristics. Things to know and gear your Tweets to are geographic location, hobbies and other matters of interest, and important demographic data.


So, what do you do with all these metrics once they’re safely in your possession? Ideally, you’ll convert the knowledge into viable content. If a certain Tweet or set of Tweets generated a strong response, build on the momentum and give users more of what they desire. For instance, a topic that produced strong engagement can be expanded into a video that further develops the original ideas. Equally viable is a blog or set of blog posts that take the subject matter to another level. If done with precision and finesse, this expanded content likely will keep users engaged and therefore more disposed to follow your brand.


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