Popups with a Purpose


Interesting, intrusive, annoying, boring, beastly … Depending on temperament, these are just some ways users view popup ads. Despite this opinion mix, however, most digital marketers are in solid agreement – popup ads can help them strike gold.

The average popup has one primary job – convince users to take a specific action. Possibilities include: sign up for a newsletter, visit a web page, or attend a webinar. The list goes on.

But one popup does not a successful campaign make. To convince and convert, brand marketers must implement a full array of these finely honed message windows. Each one has a different function, designed to trigger a well-timed response. Yet once deployed, they all must work in sync to ensure maximum impact. Harmony is key.

Some Popular Popup Types

Is a visitor daring to exit prematurely? Can’t have that. Stop them cold with an ‘exit intent’ popup. This message window uses gently persuasive phrases such as “Wait a minute. buddy! Where do you think you’re going?!” to prevent hasty departures.

What about the lingering visitor stuck in browsing mode? Nudge the lingerer with a ‘time-based’ popup. This materializes at a certain time interval, which, of course, is carefully chosen by the marketing team. When minutes matter, rely on this to spur action.

Some visitors can be won over by the ‘scroll-activated’ popup. These windows are triggered when a user scrolls to a certain page location. Relevance is key. Popup content and page content must align.

And for the coveted click, there’s the ‘click-triggered’ popup. These appear when a user touches a specific link, button, or page. Again, relevance is paramount.

Clearly, popups are functionally diverse. For any campaign, digital marketers must understand the built-in differences and incorporate multiple types in a solid, unified strategy. Yeah, the team has some planning to do.

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