Open This Toolbox for Social Media Marketing Success

Open This Toolbox for Social Media Marketing Success

Marketing your brand with social media is only one part of the success picture. You also need to know how you stack up after all your energy has been expended. Is all that grueling effort paying off? Don’t look to your legions of fans for the answer. True, popularity is always a good thing. But, do you know what they’re really thinking? Only a careful measuring of ROI can reveal the truth.

However, in this era of blazing-fast info exchange, ROI extends beyond the bottom line. What also must be charted is your brand’s reputation. Indeed, businesses must build both a healthy online reputation and healthy profits in order to thrive. Fortunately, marketers have a splendid choice of worthy performance-measuring tools for these two areas. Here are some of the recognized options:

Collective Intellect. This tool enables marketers to gather real-time market information and gain an inside track to consumer opinions.

Buddy Media Platform. Are your efforts paying off or going to waste. Here’s a resource that enables marketers to accurately track their social media campaigns.

Alterian Social Media. This ultra-savvy software tracks and monitors rate of success in the social media sphere.

Radian 6. The reigning champ when it comes to social media monitoring. Amazingly thorough, this powerhouse tool enables users to keep tabs on critical data from one end of the social web to the other.

One other tool that works social media wonders for brand marketers is Buzz Logic. While not a measuring resource per se, it points businesses in the direction of social sites that are generating major buzz. If your site is one of the chosen, businesses will pay big bucks for the privilege of advertising there.

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