OK International Fuses with Young Company

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – January 2, 2014

OK International Fuses with Young Company – January 2, 2014

Ok International, a Dover Company, is a global manufacturer of bench tools, equipment and related products that are used in the electronics and industrial product assembly. With the new year, Ok International is to introduce a new product set that deserves its own brand identity and web presence. The new product is entering into the world of 3D printing and requires a unique and distinct brand and website. OKI found the right place at Young Company and brand development has already begun. The new website will be brought to life by Young Company’s brilliant web development and design team.
Young Company is ecstatic about bringing a new brand to the 3D printing market. Starting a brand from scratch is one of Young Company’s specialties and with a growing market, this is an exciting time equally for OKI and Young. The team at YC is eager to be a part of this process and sees a bright future for the new product set backed by Dover and OKI.