Nikken Leverages Young Company’s Full-Service Marketing Skills

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – December 15, 2014

Nikken Leverages Young Company’s Full-Service Marketing Skills – December 15, 2014

NIKKEN International of Irvine has chosen Young Company to help transform its business in 2015 from an MLM to entrepreneur centric business model. Brand research will initiate the effort among top producers and customers, which will then be followed by strategic messaging, new website, online advertising and marketing support throughout Europe, North America and parts of Asia.

Nikken was founded in Japan on an invention in nearly 40 years old that would relax and energize millions of people who suffered from one of mankind’s most common complaints: sore feet. The Magstep®, the first Nikken product, was born in 1975. Today, Nikken offers hundreds of innovative products and is one of the top home-based businesses involving over 50,000 entrepreneurs who provide health, wellness, beauty and nutritional solutions to discerning clients worldwide.