Young Company Website Design

Young Company creates custom websites tailored to each client & their brand. We provide full-service SEO Optimization & PPC Management, our Landing Pages are certified Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP) which means they load incredibly fast and have the highest quality scores.


EPE USA and Focus360 websites are both Industry Facing websites strategically made for SEO generation & Speed.


young company digital marketing fresh content generation

Napa Technlogy and Microlite Screen websites are both responsive mobile friendly websites specially made for lead generation and professional branding.

young company website design and lead generation

young company microlite screen professional digital marketing orange county


Young Company Social Media Management


Young Company promotes brand awareness with it's Social Media Management. We provide full-service Social Media Optimization, which includes boosting your shares, likes and engagement with fans & friends old & new. Our Social Media Campaigns combine a whole host of the leading marketing strategies & techniques which include #sharecontests, customer engagement, promoting products through brand ambassadors with large audiences and more.


Qure Alkaline Water knows it's market very well and with Young Company we've taken the knowledge they've learned to leverage a successful Social Media Campaign called Summer Sip Campaign. This Social Media Campaign has brought in 1,000s of new followers & fans. In turn it has also tripled their traffic within the first week of relaunching their site.

Young Company Qure Display Ads




Young Company Graphic Design


Young Company has a strong team of Graphic Designers, that take our clients ideas and transform them into captivating Display Ads. These ads are featured both online and out in the world attracting new customers & building brand awareness for our clients. 


Corky Carrolls Google Adwords Display Ads are targeting for Mothers & Parents in the Orange County Area. We've installed a successful remarketing campaign for people who have visited the site to be reminded with Corky Carroll's Ads when they visit other sites within the Google Display Network.

Young Company Digital Marketing Agency Orange County

Young Company Digital Marketing Agency Orange County

Young Company Digital Marketing Agency Orange County

AutoAlert identifies the low hanging fruit for over 2,500 of the most successful auto dealers in the United States with it proprietary data mining software.

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Detailed loan reports have made AMB the industry standard for mortgage accounting software.




Dimiya Schools launches their fall 2015 campaign with their global scholars delivering the message.





Young Company Brand Identity


Young Company has helped develop Brand Identity & consistency in Brand Message & Web Design. Many client ask us to be an image consultant for designing a professional style of branding that fits with their company and what they want to convey to the world.


Young Company brand identity




The Campus at Foothill Videos are high quality videos Young Company has created recently.