Moment by Moment Marketing

Moment to Moment Marketing

If in-depth analysis characterizes your marketing video, don’t expect roaring crowds. Video viewers, particularly those glued to mobile devices, demand brevity. If it can zip past in ten nanoseconds or less, you’re on the right path.

A brand marketing video ideally capture a moment – and ends with a snap. Quick hooks and quick deliveries are mandatory. Lightning deliveries accommodate the attention spans of contemporary video viewers. The speed of light is just right. Long, drawn-out productions are vulnerable to attention-shifting. Users simply are distracted too easily by the overstock of videos available on YouTube and alternate platforms.

And now the eternal question — what’s the ideal running time for a contemporary online marketing video? The consensus pegs the number between 30 seconds and an epic-length, full-minute. If anyone exceeds this demarcation, they’re tempting fate. As has been shown consistently, conversion rates are highest when the target running time is maintained. Bounce rates likely will rise with every second over the limit. Therefore, stretch the duration only if you’ve got a knack for bucking the odds.

While adding to video length is strictly forbidden, there is something advertisers should add following the show. That something is a call to action (CTA). Surprisingly, many brand marketers forget to include this crucial behavior trigger. Consequently, viewers often don’t do what marketers had hoped for. In the end, the lead, sale, or other result you were targeting will never take place.

A CTA button should display at the end of a video. Typically, it will communicate an instruction such as ‘get more information’. Remember, many if not most viewers will not know what you expect of them. A CTA button provides the answer.

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