Modern Marketing Strategies: Improve Your Home Run Average


Is your product hitting a home run with buyers? Or is it striking out dismally? How do you know what shoppers really think about your goods? One obvious sign is the repeat sale. If customers return for more, you’ve done a swell job in the customer’s estimation. Congratulations! You smacked it over the fence. Naturally, you want to keep the hitting streak going.

There is, however, one mystery zone facing marketers -- the spot between first purchase and next action that raises this question – will the customer come back for more? Answering this question requires the utmost precision. Fortunately, a method called ‘lead-scoring’ provides that precision. Utilizing ‘lead-scoring’, marketers assign points to buyer actions and identify those most likely to ring the cash register as repeat customers. Once identified, these loyal shoppers can be catered to and guided forward on the purchase path.

The process of lead-scoring involves a variety of steps. The following are among the most productive.

Stay in Touch. Marketers should share updates about products and services. Be generous when doing so. Offer news and other intriguing content that shoppers consider relevant. Be sure, however, to create a two-way street by encouraging feedback. The return input reveals which content had the greatest zing. Content of this type should be continued.

Aim for the Guaranteed Delivery.  Thanks to spam blocking, many messages never arrive. Instead, they land in the nearest garbage heap. Great for deflecting junk. But when it dumps your high-value content into oblivion, the results can sting. Not only are your efforts a big-time waste; high-value news never reaches appreciative recipients. Both brand and consumer, therefore, are at a loss. The solution? Convince customers to opt-in to your news or content feed. There’s no better way to guarantee delivery.

Keep Track and Zero In. Take notice of which leads hop into your website, pop open your emails, catch your riveting webinars, or otherwise connect with your messages. This is the golden group – the people clearly feeling the pull of your brand. Keep an eye on what they’re up to and assign points to their behavior according to current lead-scoring methods.

Those in the high-scoring categories should be nudged forward by news and content relevant to their obvious interests. In many cases, these gentle touches eventually prompt a purchase. One more ball over the fence!

If you have questions or comments about lead-scoring, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.