Mobile Marketing Mandate

Mobile Marketing Mandate

The necessity of mobile marketing is a foregone conclusion in contemporary marketing circles. But knowing what’s needed isn’t necessarily the same as knowing what to do. As with most important endeavors, the basics must be incorporated before unleashing the mobile campaign. Doing otherwise will create a wall between your website and two important visitors – search engines and customers.

The most basic of the basics is the golden rule of mobile marketing – make sure your website is optimized for the smaller dimensions of the smartphone and tablet screen. Displaying an un-optimized site on a minimized screen often causes major distortions. Text, images, and videos get squeezed out of shape trying to find room in the compact space. Viewers seldom find this jumble easy to read or watch. In fact, they’ll likely flee from the chaos. Even worse, they’ll probably stay away for good. Unpleasant mobile experiences typically leave visitors with a sour taste – the kind that leads to permanent abandonment.

But these dissatisfied visitors probably won’t keep the experience to themselves. Jarred by their encounter with mobile madness, they’ll feel compelled to warn friends and family. Please! Don’t go near it … for your own sake! Given the abundance of online channels, the word undoubtedly will spread fast.

Search engines aren’t much friendlier to conventional websites crammed into mobile space. And they show their preference without hesitation. As a rule, mobile-optimized websites earn much higher rankings from the likes of Google and company than do un-optimized space-hoggers.

With both search engine response and viewer acceptance on the line, mobile optimization is crucial for brand marketers. Neglecting it could leave your website equally neglected.

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