Mining Leads from Your Landing Page

Mining Leads from Your Landing Page

Far too many marketers misunderstand the landing page. For them, it’s merely a jumping off point for web cruisers … a simple, understated homepage. If you’re lost in this kind of thinking, it’s time to step into the light.

First of all, a home page and landing page are NOT one and the same. Not even close. A homepage is a company’s port of entry. It introduces the headlining brand, defines its personality, identifies goals, and showcases services and benefits.

A landing page, on the other hand, is a simple, standalone destination with a single, specific purpose – establish a productive relationship between brand and visitor. Common routes to the landing page are banner ads, social posts, and search listings.

The typical landing page usually focuses on a particular goal. One of the most prominent is lead generation. To capture leads, a landing page must grab personal data (name, address, email, etc.) from visitors. Not an easy task. Before unloading their personal cargo, visitors generally demand a suitable offer. Popular offers include red hot discounts and free access to company events. Once privy to the personal data, marketers can build bridges to their prospects and nurture relationships that ultimately lead to conversions.

Of course, calling something a lead-generation landing page doesn’t make it one. As with everything else digital, this crucial page must be optimized for maximum effectiveness.

The first step toward optimization is appropriate content. Don’t go overboard. Effective text is lean and mean, covering the subject with just enough verbiage to be interesting. Succinctness also applies to your call-to-action. Visitors are reluctant to throw too much personal info into the hands of perfect strangers. So ask for what’s absolutely necessary – and nothing more.

Brevity has one other advantage – it cuts down on minutes spent filling out forms. This is always a plus for visitors with a million other things to do.

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