Must-Know Metrics for Video Marketers

Two Must-Know Metrics for Video Marketers

In a world obsessed with interest rates, video marketers should assign an equal if not higher priority to a pair of other rates: play rate and play-through rate. Both are important, and both are, though inextricably related, two distinct metrics.

Play rate is what the term implies – the number of times viewers click the play button to start the show. Brand marketers can boost this measurement by rigging videos to auto-play. But this is a controversial action, and for good reason. A marketing piece that launches without human intervention runs the risk of annoying users, who rightfully may feel intruded upon by presumptuous brand advertisers. How dare they launch without my permission! On the other hand, a video that automatically plays is guaranteed to be seen – at least for a second or two. If it sparks interest, viewers will stay put.

Which brings up the other crucial video marketing metric – play through. This measurement charts the length of time users spend watching the show. The longer their eyes stay glued, the deeper brand messages go. Clearly, longevity is crucial. Quick abandonments equal lost messages – the first step to disgrace and video oblivion.

Since play-trough is quite the big deal, the savviest of brand marketers strive to stretch play times – hopefully all the way through the thrilling climax and riveting conclusion. The tight-packing method is one way to keep the show going and going. It’s a straightforward process: simply pack the first 10 to 15 seconds with juicy, irresistible content. Squeezed into this micro-time slot will be relevant and engaging material. Basically, marketers are dutybound to front-load video with material that precisely reflects viewer interests and goals.

A journalistic approach can pump big energy into the opening, particularly for info-hungry audiences. (B2B marketers, are you paying attention?) From the get go, anticipate and answer common viewer questions. Such anticipatory groundwork rarely fails to capture and hold interest.

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