Marketing to the Moment: How to Find & Optimize Your Brand’s Moment

Marketing to the Moment: How to Find & Optimize Your Brand's Moment

There’s a right time for everything. Swing too soon or too late, and you’ll miss the ball. As in most other fields, this principle has influenced many a marketing strategy. In the age of mobile media, however, the principle is the golden rule. As things now stand, marketers must seize the right moment to make the right impact.

Why is moment-seizing the new marketing imperative? Because contemporary mobile users are spreading themselves extraordinarily thin. One second they’re devouring a video, the next they’re searching for information. Along the way they snatch a moment to unleash some tweets. It’s a mad, speed-blur dash from here to there and back again. Marketers hoping to get noticed must jump in at just the right interval.

Marketing to the Moment: How to Find & Optimize Your Brand's Moment - YoungCompany.comFortunately, CodeFuel and Nielson have developed a universal timetable of mobile content consumption, which is presented below. The handy analysis breaks down online activity by time of day. By capitalizing on the prime marketing moments identified in the timetable, brands can maximize their chances of connecting with consumers.


An overwhelming majority of users, 73%, are grabbing updates during the a.m. On the other end of the spectrum, only about 16% are taking a break. Why is this latter total significant? Because break time is when consumers are most open to ads. During these moments, users are consuming content without a stated purpose, leaving a perfect opening for product pitches.


As you might have guessed, twelve-o-clock is when numerous consumers put work and school on pause. As both hands hug the 12, a robust 43% of mobile users take long-awaited breaks. This means a sizeable portion of humanity is open for engaging marketing content.

Afternoon, Evening, and Night

29%, 26%, and 27% are the respective break time numbers for these three day parts. While the percentages don’t match the noon number, they still offer ample opportunity for the well-timed ad.

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