Marketing OC: Rise Above It All


Marketers naturally crave an edge, some way to leapfrog the competition and boost the chances of success. This need is deeply felt in the rapidly-evolving world of real estate marketing. Here, eager house hunters are flocking to online resources for information, leaving marketers mystified. How do we go one better? Deliver a superior product?

One solution is flying high – literally -- the drone. No, they don’t do promotional air shows. But they do showcase properties with a new cinematic vigor.

Drones are accomplishing this feat courtesy of onboard cameras, which routinely photograph properties from hitherto-impossible angles. The unusual perspectives reveal homes in unimaginable glory, often utilizing the ever-impressive bird’s-eye view.

The secret of the drone, of course, is its range of motion. Swoop, soar, twist, and turn – it’s all included in the repertoire. The result is uncanny, especially if surrounding scenery is part of the sales package. Hard to beat.

Considering the drone’s built-in capabilities, it’s easy to see them as the do-it-all device. Well, the truth is, they’re not right for everything.

For instance, drones wouldn’t be your first choice if tight focus is a priority. Their cameras tend to swallow up scenery with a panoramic range. For tighter stuff, you’ll need the standard still-shot. The same holds true when a small space must be emphasized. Flying cameras just don’t maneuver well in cramped quarters. And it goes without saying that thick vegetation often obscures much, relegating the all-seeing drone to a second-rate observer.

Still, for showcasing real estate in new and exciting ways, the drone is preeminent. In fact, the aerial wonder is zooming its way into virtually every other video marketing avenue. Clearly, if a dazzling perspective is required, drones will deliver … and not just pizza.

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