Marketing OC: Marketing Strategies to Supercharge a Startup

Marketing OC: Marketing Strategies to Supercharge a Startup

Digital or brick n’ mortar, startups must strike like lightning. Ready to pounce with fangs and claws is fierce competition. Marketing strength, therefore, is essential for the newcomer. While the potential strength-boosters are varied, the following three strategies have proven themselves uncommonly effective.

Build Advance Awareness

Open your doors, market your goods. A typical sequence for many a startup – and an instant road to ruin. Far better to spread the word early – as in eons before launch date. The reason is obvious – unaware customers don’t ring cash registers. What they don’t know about, they don’t buy.

“But,” you say. “I’ve launched my marketing campaigns full force.” Yeah, and while awareness builds, something else will build even faster – operation costs. Who’ll pay those electric bills? Adhere to the golden rule startup success: Ensure customers are ready long before you are.

Capitalize on Freebies

In certain circles, wisdom holds that ‘the best things in life are free.” While numerous exceptions to this truism may be found, it certainly rings true in the digital zone. Conveniently at the fingertips of startups are online marketing resources galore – many of which have a zero cost. Among the possibilities are homemade videos, content marketing such as blogs, crowdsourcing, and social media outreaches. All available for the simple investment of time.

Know What’s Working

Conversions are gold. But how do you know what drove the sales? Tracking is the best way to ascertain the answer. This method is the key to correlating individual campaigns to results, to connect conversions to specific efforts. Therefore, capitalize on the full power of available measuring and testing resources. Metrics speak volumes.

High-performing campaigns, of course, should continue … at least for a while. Even these, however, eventually will go stale. So be prepared to change things up at strategic intervals.

Surprisingly, certain campaign efforts may prove inconsequential, despite stellar sales. Commercial success might be due to other factors, such seasonal upswings in demand. Thorough testing and measuring will uncover these realities.

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