Marketing OC: Conversion Counts


Does hard work always equal success? Well, diligence certainly is a contributing factor. But toil and effort alone don’t guarantee high-flying results. Consider, for instance, the number of disappointing lead-generation campaigns. Many a brand marketer has labored endlessly to harvest leads, only to come up short in the conversion department. There may be numerous reasons for the shortfall. Nevertheless, they all point in one direction – too many people didn’t do what you wanted them to.

Brand marketers often are caught off guard when their efforts trigger a surge in website traffic – without a concomitant rise in conversions. How could an increase in one not produce an uptick in the other? The truth is, web traffic and conversions are only distantly correlated. When looked at as a pure numbers game, more website visitors certainly do increase the chances of capturing conversions. But in the larger marketing game, those chances can remain feebly thin if other issues go unaddressed.

The wise and savvy brand marketer, therefore, will tackle those issues full bore. Doing so can help transform impressive lead-generation numbers into equally impressive conversion numbers.

A great first step is tailoring content so that it solves a problem or facilitates the attainment of a goal. The modern consumer is eyeball-deep in information. Take one step, and you’ll bump into some. Therefore, the most effective content cuts through the data swirl and quick-delivers choice, relevant data. It’s all about enhancing value.

Brand marketers will also gain tremendous advantage by beefing up the call-to-action. This trigger requires widespread exposure, with one appearing clearly on every page. Often, the CTA makes only a single-page appearance, rapidly fading into oblivion when a user drifts to another page. Make sure your CTA is amply displayed throughout.

Also important for a CTA is the use of a one-word directive that prompts action. Among the popular choices are CLICK and DOWNLOAD. If a brand marketer wants users to do something, spell it out with an effective prompt.

Finally, a bit of common courtesy will help improve a brand’s conversion odds. This courtesy is most effectively embodied in the ‘thank-you page’. A dose of digital appreciation often is just the ticket to nudge the undecided in the desired direction. A heartfelt thank-you is especially productive as a follow-up to user cooperation. This might be anything from filling out a form to flashing a thumbs-up via social media. If users make this effort, show some gratitude. They may respond in kind.

If you have questions or comments about improving lead conversions, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.