Marketing by the Book: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

Marketing by the Book: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It - 9.7.18

Blogs, articles, social posts, and videos are acclaimed staples of content marketing. But they’re quick snacks, tantalizing and consumed in a flash. What about deep probes that expand a topic to new dimensions … that demonstrate a brand’s undeniable expertise? For that, brand marketers must go by the book – the ebook, to be exact.

Pack an ebook into a content marketing strategy and the benefits compound. For instance, how crucial is brand expertise? Does it help to be an authority in your field? If yes, the irresistible ebook provides major thrust. Your digital masterpiece proclaims you guru, master, authority, and biggest of the big cheeses, all at once. Yeah, you really know your way around the block, backward and forwards.

And guess what happens next … you forge great trust in your brand. Who wouldn’t embrace a brand that boasts the Fort Knox of knowledge and shares it so freely?

Then there’s the something-for-something principle. Readers, at least the interested ones, place great value on a brand’s published wisdom … much more than they do a shorter piece. Therefore, grateful readers more readily may exchange something of considerable worth – such as precious contact info.

Finally, e-books are easy, on many levels. Content, of course, can be custom-created for the digital publications. And it often is. But original output is not required. In the best recycling fashion, diligent teams can gather previously-posted content such as blogs, cherry-pick the choicest, organize the batch into a coherent whole, and proudly repackage the accumulation as the latest digital masterpiece. Something old, yet something new, a brand’s just-released best-of compilation.

Also easy is the production of ebooks. Consider the creation of printed output – this often takes months. The publication of digital literature, on the other hand, typically requires a few weeks of preparation.

And don’t forget, once an ebook is up and running, it’s pretty much on cruise control. Brands needn’t do much except monitor results, whether that be clicks, sign-ups, or any other favorable actions.

If you have questions or comments about ebook marketing, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.