Marketing 101: The Bottom-of-the-Funnel Nudge

Marketing 101: The Bottom-of-the-Funnel Nudge

Once prospects reach the bottom of the marketing funnel, conversion is guaranteed, right? Well, not quite. Although these worthy folks have demonstrated solid interest in your brand, they’re still not over the hump that stands between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. They’re in a ‘maybe’ mindset – and could stay parked in this mode for quite a stretch.

At this stage, prospects are screaming for a nudge – a reason to cross the threshold from interested party to gotta-have-it buyer. Few people step over the line without added encouragement.

The nudge isn’t a single force of action. It encompasses numerous possible strategies. Which strategies ultimately get the call depend on marketing goals, as well as prospect characteristics. Ideally, advertisers should employ strategies that resonate strongest with the target shopper.

Among the most popular and effective of the nudge options is the free trial. Amazon Prime is one of the numerous brands employing this strategy – with resounding success. For thirty days, signees receive all the benefits of this premier service, a show of generosity that allows them to experience Amazon ‘Primeness’ first-hand. If the service meets expectations, the prospects jump on board. Nudge successful. Free samples and trials, of course, are effective and useful for a variety of products and services – and likely will become more prevalent in the future. In short, these test drives work.

A close cousin of the free trial is the live demo. This option is particularly valuable when your brand carries with it a certain level of complexity. Machinery and equipment of all sorts fall into this category. Live need not be physically present, however. Videos showcasing the product in action are effective for simpler products, such as the beloved fruit masher (a.k.a. juicer). On the other hand, more complex wares such as business machines and equipment demand the on-site demo. Basically, the demo mode should match the product.

These are just several of the bottom-of-the-funnel nudge options available to brand marketers. Advertisers should explore the full range of possibilities to maximize the effectiveness of their strategies.

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