Marketers Launch Insta-Brand

Marketers Launch Insta-Brand

Once upon a time, Instagram was a popular online hangout for photo-sharing friends. But, as with virtually all other high-traffic destinations, sooner or later marketers will ease their foot through the door. True to form, brand markers have marched boldly through the Instagram doorway. And thanks to a warm reception from audiences worldwide, they’re claiming miles of digital territory as they post generous amounts of product-specific photos and the occasional video.

Only a ‘small’ group of pioneering brands were supposed to be part of the first wave of photo-sharers.  But based on the number of participating companies, the word small apparently has been given a very liberal definition.

Fortunately for marketers, the incursion of brands definitely is paying off in a big way. Here are some key results of their foray into photo land:

  • Photos equal followers. And the more of the former, the more of the latter. Among the top brand marketers, 57% post one photo a week. Over a third of this group has reeled in 10,000 followers, and 19% have in excess of 100,000 of these loyal Instagrammers.
  • Automotive brands are among the most successful Instagram participants – particularly the luxury variety. The latest stats reveal that Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi score particularly high on the consumer engagement scale. Overall, brand engagement in general has soared by 350% in one year.
  • Videos are taking a back seat to photos, with pics pulling in considerably more likes and comments than vids. As it stands now, photos do a 26% better job of engaging viewers than videos. Oh well, there’s always YouTube.

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