The Magical Marketing Box

The Magical Marketing Box
It sits atop televisions in select households. And it reveals a great deal about those watching the tube.

The name of the magic box is Audience Select. Offered by Time Warner Cable (TWC) Media, the breakthrough device provides advertisers with a mind-boggling wealth of consumer data. The purpose? To enable participating advertisers to connect more solidly with customers and prospects. Information streaming out of the box includes household demographics, markets, networks, day-parts, and custom data.

What’s particularly amazing about Audience Select is the number of viewing groups it has  identified. Known as ‘tribes’, these groups now number 28. It’s entirely possible that more TV tribes will be spotted as the process becomes increasingly refined. Think of these groups as tightly-knit communities of likeminded viewers craving specific content and entertainment.

Dream Come True for Brand Marketers

Because Audience Select provides marketers with a gold mine of consumer info, advertising messages can be targeted like never before. In a flash, content can be personalized and enhanced to match the mindset of specific consumers.

Marketers employing Audience Select will learn things like how do viewers view content, which shows are they glued to week after week, and which networks are they consistently plugged into. Marketers also will uncover quite a bit about how audiences, information, and content is merging. Such knowledge undoubtedly will enable companies to improve the engagement level of their campaigns tremendously.

While all of this is a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself, the device goes much further than delivering the right entertainment info. Audience Select-generated data also enables marketers to pinpoint the right time of day and the right device for info deliver – laptop, smartphone, etc.

Indeed, Audience Select is destined to make a deep impact on the marketing world. If you have any questions or comments about using market research tools for your business or organization, or about any brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.

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