Twitter’s Trying Something New


Everything changes. It’s the law of life. And now that law is being applied magnificently to Twitter profiles. Thanks to these changes, both brand marketers and the general public will be able to make a bigger personal impression than ever before.

A major component of the Twitter transformation plan is the addition of a new ‘Photo/Video’ link to the top of each profile. This definitely is great news for image-conscious brands. With the  easy-access link in place, consumers now can jump right into a company’s selection of engaging videos and photos.

How significant is this change? Beyond all reckoning. As a rule, tweets accompanied by photos and vids get clicked on and re-tweeted far more often than those without. This gives brand marketers plenty of reason to beef up their stockpile of engaging visual material. Everything from product info to employee spotlights is suitable for your dazzling collection. So start taking those snaps and rolling the cameras.

Tweeters also will be able to give headers a slick visual touch. Taking its cue from Facebook, Twitter has created more space for header images. Now you can you populate this region with a larger selection of photos proclaiming your brand message. And their dimensions can be expanded to irresistibly eye-catching levels. In essence, you’ll be lighting up your brand with a big, bright beacon.

Brand marketers take note: If you’re thinking, ‘great, I’ll just dump my Facebook images into the new, expanded Twitter header space, don’t. You’ll discover a tremendous mismatch, as Twitter packs a much higher pixel count than Facebook.

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