Lift Your Brand with Facebook Canvas Ads

Lift Your Brand with Facebook Canvas Ads

Upgrading, improving enhancing … call the addition of new Facebook features whatever you want. But the result is relentlessly the same – better engagement between brand and Facebook visitor.

Consider, for instance, a feature called the canvas ad. This is one of Facebook’s riveting contributions to online multimedia. Not as well-known as other native features, canvas ads nevertheless are building momentum in the marketing world.

For those yet to discover the joys and benefits of the canvas ad, they can best be described as follows: an instant mobile multimedia experience that combines text, images, video, carousel slide shows, feeds, and anything else within reach.

Despite the seeming randomness of the ingredients, this is digital chemistry at its most impactful. Properly assembled, these ads are well-organized, easy to grasp, and highly engaging. In Facebook’s hands, they’re the ultimate immersive experience.

What are Facebook canvas ads most noted for? Generally, they serve one of three functions, or any combination thereof. First and foremost, the ads build brands by introducing products and redirecting users to linked pages for more info. Second, they pour on the promotions to stimulate conversions. And finally, they help generate leads.

Maximizing the value and performance of canvas ads demands some intervention from the marketing team. Simply setting them up and letting them go will leave them rudderless and vulnerable to staleness.

One of the most productive steps available is ad modification. Brand marketers will gain substantial mileage by changing things up a bit. Mix and match the various media components – add some new videos and images, re-arrange the slide carousel, drop in bits of new text and remove some others. The key is to keep the show fresh and exciting. You’re creating and re-creating the special edition.

Also beneficial is the simple act of placing a CTA button in your ad. As things now stand, Facebook allows for the addition of clickable buttons in the canvas space. These are readily customizable to suit specific tastes and goals, so they easily accommodate any desired CTA directive. Remember, clickable buttons can be planted virtually anywhere in the ad space. So feel free to sprinkle CTA buttons throughout.

If you have questions or comments about Facebook canvas ads, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.