The ubiquitous mobile device is now firmly entrenched as the premier B2C delivery system. Who isn’t carrying a pocketful of messaging these days? B2C marketers know it, and use it. So why hasn’t B2B caught on?


Not that business-focused marketers are asleep. Many have harnessed the smartphone’s evident virtues. But as a group, they still trail their B2C counterparts when it comes to channeling mobile magic. They shouldn’t. Smartphones and tablets can drive major gains for business-focused marketers.


B2B marketers entering mobile space should place app development and deployment high on their list of priorities – if not at the very top. The reason for this prioritization? Software prevalence. According to Smart Insights, a marketing consulting resource, apps comprise a staggering 89% of mobile media time. Clearly, the software gets major exposure in the mobile world.


Of course, simply showing up isn’t enough to spur action. An app must provide supreme value to validate its presence and deliver hoped-for returns to B2B marketers. Fortunately, its value-generating possibilities are vast. Among these is the app’s obvious and all-important info-sharing capability. In the blink of an eye, smartphone-connected prospects can be updated on all company events. Maybe there’s an important conference or trade fair around the corner. An app provides the newsflash.


If buzz is plus for brands, apps have another major role to play for B2B marketers. Implementing the software, businesses can stimulate networking among a wide range of industry professionals. Among the natural results will be heightened brand awareness.


On a more practical level, apps also benefit brands through the time-honored process of self-promotion. For years, B2C marketers have been using and gaining traction from in-app adverting. Likewise, effectively-integrated ads no doubt will enhance the value and impact of apps targeting the business community.


If you have any questions or comments about using mobile apps for B2B marketing, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.


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