Lead Harvesting on the Landing Page


When it comes to capturing dozens of leads, few options exceed the landing page. Accessed via various links (e.g. those planted in email blasts), this destination offers brand marketers a crucial first stop on the way to conversion. Here’s how -- during a landing page stopover, visitors typically are invited to register or sign up for some stated benefit, thereby transforming themselves into those golden nuggets known as ‘leads’. What happens to those leads subsequently, of course, is in the capable hands of the marketing squad.

Before securing coveted lead info, the landing page must encourage folks to stay put. Supplying this motivation distinguishes this destination from the home page. The former is a single purpose locale, laying the groundwork with its simple, uncluttered appearance and limited options. It’s all about info acquisition.

The home page, on the other hand, offers a ‘go where you want’ experience, replete with toolbars, links, buttons, and every other conceivable portal to alternate locations. One place wants to you to linger; the other, to wander. Understanding this distinction is crucial to landing page success.

Many design factors contribute to landing page effectiveness. One of those factors, referenced above, is simplified appearance. Image, banner, and headline must be clean and crisp, melding perfectly with concise content. Clutter is strictly forbidden.

Multiple landing pages also may be advantageous, each one connected to its originating, linked source – email blast, newsletter, web page, etc. This individualized connection creates consistency, one of the most important factors in the world of brand marketing. To establish this seamless link, page appearance and messaging should match that of its source.

No matter how irresistible the landing page, it should never show users an easy way out. You’re not just locking the gates; you’re ditching them altogether. Thus, navigation buttons, external links, and other exit options are conveniently excluded. By eliminating these distractions, marketers steer attention toward key focal points, such as a registration form.

Finally, ensure the chosen lead form reflects the simplicity of the page itself. It does little good to custom-build a simplified environment while forcing visitors through a maze en route to the finish line.

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