Last-Minute Holiday Marketing for the Truly Tardy

Last-Minute Holiday Marketing for the Truly Tardy

If you intend to market your brand to last-minute Christmas shoppers, plan for abundant opportunities. The late buyer is amply-represented in the population, creating ideal conditions for a selling bonanza. Yeah, the prospects are out there in droves — scratching their heads, biting their fingernails, groping for answers, and wondering how they got caught in a time squeeze. If only someone or something would show them the way.

Enter that species of commercial action hero known as brand marketer. All members of this group are well-positioned to save the day – and boost the beloved bottom line. It’s all a matter of connecting with tardy shoppers and showing them the shortcut path to their goal. For all interested parties, here are several rock-solid ways to lay that path right at their feet:

If you’re an e-commerce enterprise, you needn’t be Amazon to win the race against time. Increasingly, online businesses are enticing customers with free and often expedited shipping. With the Big Day just a snowball’s toss away, one or two-day deliveries are gold to the scrambling shopper.

Imagine the holiday smiles if procrastinators got this chance: You can buy all (or most) of your gifts at the same time. Would they jump at the chance? No, they’d fly. The gift bundle offers just such a chance to the stymied shopper. Packed with assorted brand merchandise, the gift bundle provides full-coverage buying for designated recipients. This is the gift that keeps on giving — to everybody. Buy one; satisfy dozens. Would your products shine in a bundle? If so, consider this option for last-minute sales enhancement.

Gift cards also tempt the tardy shopper. Who could resist such convenience? And what better way than a gift card to say: “I couldn’t make up my mind”, “I don’t really know much about you”, or “I don’t trust my own judgment.” When last checked, gift cards notched a near 0% failure rate. As magnets for the last-minute shopper, they’re hard to beat.