Digital Creative Guild in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach Creative Space

Young Company offers independent contractors a synergistic co-working creative space environment to produce, collaborate and generate new business relationships. We welcome local Art Directors, Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Digital Marketing Specialists, Email Marketers, CRM experts, Google PPC managers, Public Relation professionals, SEO Specialists, Social Media Practitioners, Video Producers/Editors and Website Developers to apply.

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Space for Time Exchange:

The Space for Service Time Exchange option is designed to encourage collaboration and participation with Young Company (YC) on existing and prospective client business. As a resident member of the guild you bring skill, talent and resources that YC needs to win new business or support current clients. When YC feels there is sufficient potential for YC to utilize your services, we provide office space and amenities in return for your professional time. Learn More.

Hot Desk Monthly Plan:

With this plan you are guaranteed a workstation at Young Company in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach. Just bring your laptop, or use a YC PC. The goal of the Guild is to encourage collaboration among local independent contractors and provide additional resources to Young Company. You may be asked to assist Young Company on client or agency assignments. The choice to accept is totally yours. You set your own hourly fee or fixed bid. Payment will not be in exchange for the use of the space. Each desk runs $500 per month, payable at the beginning of each month.

How the Space for Time arrangement works:

At the beginning of each month Young Company will invoice you for 20 hours of service valued at $25 per hour in return for being a Laguna Creative Guild member. In return you are assigned a seat and granted access to the suite. As work opportunities arise during the month, YC will notify you and request your engagement. You determine if the assignment fits your skills and schedule. If it does, we confirm the deliverables, deadlines, etc. if the workload for the month exceeds 20 hours, YC will compensate you for the additional time at the same rate up to a maximum of 30 hours. If the time required exceeds 30 hours, the additional hours will be invoiced by you at a pre-negotiated rate. At the end of each month you will invoice Young Company for the first 20 hours and any additional hours of service provided over 20 up to 30 hours. If you do not reach 20 hours a month, you will not be required to pay the difference. If you do not reach 20 hours for 3 consecutive months, you will be asked to switch to Hot Desk Monthly Plan or vacate.


  • High-Speed Internet – 300 MPBS Download - Cox’s Fastest Service
  • Cat 6 High Speed Cable Throughout
  • VoIP Phone Usage + Conference Phone
  • Private Access to Shared Date Storage Located on Premises
  • HP All-in-One Pavilion Desktop Provided with MS Office Suite
  • Shared Conference Room (on a reserved basis)
  • Kitchenette (Refrigerator, Microwave, etc. on first come basis)
  • Outdoor Patio for lunch, meetings, phone calls (first come basis)


  • Laguna Resident Permit – Free on Second Street
  • Metered Parking - Credit Card Accepted - $1 – 3.75 per hour (varies by street and space)
  • On-site Reserved - $100 / month (when available)
  • On-site Reserved Underground $150 / month (when available)
  • Bicycle Rack – On premises – Free (bring your own lock)