Is Your Website Seen by All the Right Engines?

Is Your Website Seen by All the Right Engines?

Is Your Website Seen by All the Right Engines?

It’s one thing to develop a website; quite another to ensure it’s found. Yes, with the global proliferation of websites, getting them found by users is one of the monumental tasks facing SEO marketers. To be found, a site generally must be visible to search engines such as Google. And to be visible, it must find ways to stand out from the crowd. No other way to get it done.

One sure way to boost website visibility is to publish content frequently. Of course, suitable frequency rates vary according to circumstances and industry. But no matter how often content makes an appearance, it must possess certain qualities. One of these is relevance. Google and other engines favor content that incorporates relevant keywords and search terms aligned to content. Engines also favor originality, awarding points for unique material. But they will penalize the unauthorized borrowing of material from other sources. So be warned.

Another contributor to website visibility is the load speed of web pages. Which should be instantaneous. Slow loaders often are never seen – time crunched users generally will leave before the sluggish page displays. This goes double for mobile users, who are a notoriously impatient lot.

Believe it or not, keyword length also can have an impact on website visibility. Not surprisingly, the most popular search terms aren’t always the best. In fact, they’re often counterproductive. That’s because everyone is using them, creating a crowded, competitive field. It’s often far more advantageous to incorporate long-tail search terms. These use more specific wording and become lengthier thereby. For instance, bicycle repairs for models made in the 1990’s as opposed to bicycle repairs. True, fewer people will search for the former. But the search term will have less competition. Being uniquely specific, the keyword phrase helps its associated website stand out.

Finally, SEO marketers can improve website visibility by including keywords in page titles, headings, and meta descriptions. As with the other visibility-enhancers, the inclusion helps a site stand out from the crowd and get seen by all the right engines.

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