Don’t Let Yourself Become the Invisible Brand


Any brand marketer may still be thinking laptop and desktop is missing the boat by a mile. As the popularity of mobile devices continues to soar, consumers increasingly are using iPhones and Androids to access updates and other info about products and services.


Brand marketers who shrug their shoulders and say my good ol’ desktop version will do the trick are dangerously off base. Text, video, and graphics formatted for larger screens often appear scrambled and cramped on more compact displays. Confused by the jumble of data, consumers will flee from the chaos and seek refuge with brands offering more gratifying mobile experiences. Companies that cling to ancient ways will demolish their online visibility.  


Once a business commits to creating a mobile-friendly presence, marketers face a number of considerations. Here is a couple to focus on.  


Visualize. Can you see the homepage of your present desktop site on a mobile device? Not very readable, is it? Too much clutter. So your first step is figuring out how to simplify all that info making a first impression on your website visitors. Many of the graphics will have to go. Users overwhelmingly want clean, simple mobile sites. Graphics that appear neatly arranged on a laptop will be image overload on an Android or iPhone.


Unleash Your Inner Mobile. The good news is your pc-ready site already has the makings of a peppy mobile site. In many cases, a little retrofitting will work wonders. For instance, if WordPress runs your website, you can implement a number of tools designed to optimize web pages for mobile devices. In fact, many WordPress tools are absolutely free. If you’re launching a full-scale transformation, there’s plenty of help available. Many companies now practice the fine art of converting desktop websites into mobile-ready editions. 


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