Marketing’s Invasion of the Tablets

Invasion of the Tablets…

Prepare Your Website Before It’s Too Late!

Marketing's Invasion of the Tablets

 Just when you had everything running perfectly with your website, along come smartphones demanding that you make some changes so that your online brand marketing is compatible with these devices. So you dug in, busted out some big bucks, and transformed your website into a smartphone-responsive destination. End of story, right? Uh-uh. Don’t relax in that big, comfy chair yet. You’ve got some more changes to make. That’s right. Tablets are flooding into the user world, with no end in sight. And these new kids on the block are making their own, very reasonable demands on brand marketers.

If you’re scoffing: ‘I don’t need to address the great tablet invasion,” guess again. One third of adults own a tablet, while two-thirds of all college grads possess one of the devices. “But I’ve already transformed my website into a mobile-friendly powerhouse,” you protest. Great for smartphones. But tablets have their own requirements. If you ignore these, your website won’t work well when the growing legions of users zoom in via tablet. And, as with disappointed smartphone visitors, they’ll redirect themselves to another brand that does offer a satisfying tablet experience.

So what are the differences between Smartphones and Tablets? Here are the main ones that brand marketers should be aware of:

  • Size. Clearly, a tablet can fit more text, photos, and vids in its screen space, without creating the cramped mess that would result on a smartphone.
  • Usage. Smartphone users typically browse the web when traveling from place to place, or when having nothing better to do. Tablets are the ‘any time’ device. Users of these devices hop onto the web when at work or at home, round the clock. The larger screen simply makes for a much more gratifying experience.
  • Attractiveness. Tablet users generally expect a good-looking site. And with more screen space than the cut and dried smartphone display, tablets definitely open the doorway to abundant visual appeal. One popular way tablet-compatible sites grab customer attention is with the magazine look. With this in place, consumers simply flip through your web pages, swiping and tapping with fingers when interesting content pops up. Obviously, all that tappable content should be sized to accommodate finger dimensions. No visitor wants to be wasting precious nanoseconds zooming in and out.

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