Marketing Internships Orange County

Marketing Internships Orange County

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A Digital Marketing Internship Program for Rising Stars

At Young Company, we foster an environment of continuous, collaborative learning by infusing our work with the fresh thinking and innovative skills of students who join our internship program. The two to three month course provides a means for discovering young students with exceptional talent, compatible attitude and the right skills to create the next generation of marketing communications.

The success of our internship program is illustrated by the fact that a high percentage of our full time staff members were once interns at Young Company, and the quality of our skills and work product has benefited greatly because of this.

Young Company’s Marketing Internship Program is custom tailored to the strengths of each student and is offered year round to accommodate student schedules.

Work Experience Internship

This program offers students and graduates the opportunity to apply their marketing communications skills working alongside professionals in an advertising agency. You will be assigned to clients and expected to participate as a team member responsible for specific tasks and programs, as well as developing fresh creative concepts.

Academic Thesis Internship

The Thesis Internship is a digital marketing incubator for the exploration and application of new theories, tools and techniques. This program is primarily for Master’s degree candidates who want to base their thesis on practical experience applying the latest technologies on real campaigns.

Federal Work Study Financial Aid Program for Interns

Over the years, Young Company has had great success with non-paid Interns. Many have gone on to work part-time as an independent contractor and others have become full-time employees and work at the agency today. The Federal Work Study program is one in which the government and the company share the cost of paying interns. If a student is chosen to participate in the Young Company Internship program, we will provide financial support in conjunction with the Federal Work Study program so that the student earns an hourly wage while interning. Ask your faculty advisor if your school is participating in the program, and if they are, we encourage you to apply for it. We will not fill out your forms or make any false statements, but we will help you if we can.

The Opportunity is here. The next step is yours.

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Young Company’s internship is definitely not for everyone.

The qualifications for being accepted into the Young Company marketing Internship Program are purposely vague. Quite simply, we do not want to disqualify a candidate who may not conform to some specific criteria. We are looking for students with exceptional talent, compatible attitude and the right skills to succeed in a fiercely competitive field. And we fully believe that it is these students who will create the next generation of marketing communications.

Full time and part time marketing internships are available, but our preference will be given to those who can commit full time for two or three months. At Young Company, we receive hundreds of applicants for our marketing Internship Program because it provides real-world experience working on real assignments for real clients alongside other professionals as part of the team. We expect all interns to behave and perform as employees.

When the relationship is deemed to be a mutually good fit, and our business situation warrants it, we do hire interns for full time positions when they graduate.

As an Integrated Marketing Communications agency we are currently offering unpaid internship positions that major in the following communications fields:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Creative Design
  • Website Programming
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Video Production

This program can be used by students who are required to write a Masters’ thesis and prefer to explore and write about a real world issue in the field of marketing.

Where you are coming from is less important than where you are going.

In general, we prefer students who have expressed, through their selection of major and extracurricular activities, a sincere commitment to a career in some form of marketing communications. Because our program is unpaid and Laguna Beach is an upscale area, it is essential that students have living accommodations within 30 minutes of our office and tend to come from the following schools:

  • Cal State Fullerton
  • Chapman University
  • Laguna College of Art and Design
  • University of California, Irvine
  • Laguna Beach High School


Certification of Completion & Certification with Distinction


Interns are evaluated on three levels to be granted the Certificate of Completion. Those who perform exceptionally well are offered an opportunity to work part time or full-time upon graduation.

For a certificate of completion it is necessary that the student achieve:

  • Punctual Attendance: Based on the mutually agreed upon attendance goals
  • Active Participation: Emphasis on cooperation and group participation
  • Accomplishment: The degree to which the intern solves the problems defined

Internship Testimonials

What our Intern Graduate Say About Their Experience

Intern - Madison

"Prior to my YC internship, I was in a very lost place and did not know if business was the right field for me. However, ever since day one at YC, you taught me a wide variety of marketing tools (SEO, social media, web design, etc.) needed in the field and taught me how there is always something to learn in this field. Currently I am wrapping up my junior year of college at UCI, and I have decided on an emphasis in marketing. Thanks to you, I went from having no vision of my future, to having a passion in marketing and something to look forward to after graduating" - Kenneth Han

Intern - Madison

"Thank you so much for everything this summer. I learned so much that I will be able to apply in my courses and future. Thank you for going out of your way to ensure that we were immersed in the environment and learned something new every day. Young Company is a special place and I'm glad I was given the opportunity to be a part of it." - Madison G.