Improve Popup Performance in Three Easy Steps

Improve Popup Performance in Three Easy Steps

Improve Popup Performance in Three Easy Steps

Users might not like them, but when properly presented, they can provide a major boost to conversion rates. The universally unliked entity is known as the popup ad – or in its more common form – ‘popup’.

Most people resent popups because they’re blatantly intrusive. No matter how they’re presented, they typically obscure the viewing space. Sometimes, in fact, they fully blanket what people are trying to look at. Despite these negatives, however, the popup ad can and does drive conversions. How can this be possible?

The first step for digital marketers is getting a viewer’s attention. A major challenge, given the average user’s knee-jerk rejection of the typical popup. Most people won’t give the ad so much as a quick glance. But they will give it a quick grimace that expresses profound annoyance.

To neutralize user annoyance, digital marketers should populate popups with proven attention getters. Currently, verbiage such as ‘free’ or ‘special discount’ do spectacularly. Right off the bat, you’re giving something for something. In this case, the user’s precious attention. Sounds like a fair exchange.

Digital marketers can enrich a popup’s attention-getting power by embellishing text with eye-catching graphics. In most cases, subtlety will prove the most effective approach.

Alright, user attention has been grabbed. You still, however, must reduce the intrusiveness factor. What typically works for this purpose is the slide-in popup. This ad uses less space than the conventional type. And, joy of joys, it enters subtly, usually sliding in oh-so-gently from one side of the screen. Thus, nothing important is obscured (usually), greatly reducing annoyance risk.

Finally, bear in mind the old maxim – one popup might be annoying, but many will prove infuriating. Basically, you don’t want to flood the viewing space with popups. This tends to create an irritating ‘following you around’ impression. Which is understandable.

For best results, use popup ads sparingly, making each one count. As is true in so many other endeavors, it’s all about timing when deploying popups.

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