How to Satisfy the “Video Marketing Frenzy” in 2 Steps

How to Satisfy the "Video Marketing Frenzy" in 2 Steps

72 hours-worth of video per minute … that’s the rate at which YouTube viewers upload videos of every size and description. Now, factor in the steady stream of uploaded videos via Facebook, Daily Motion, and all the rest, and one thing become abundantly clear – that’s a lot of exposure for a lot of brands… and yours needs to grab some of the action.

So Where Do You Begin?

With all the video flying through cyberspace, it’s not exactly a snap to stand out from the crowd, develop crucial long-term relationships, and appear valuable to the oversaturated throngs. But it can be done … with high-value content that mercilessly grabs attention. For interested brands, here are several steps that will start you down the road to video success.

1. Know Your Viewers

Sure, you’re eager to leap in and fling red-hot ideas around the conference room. Put it on pause and pay attention: Even the most dynamic concept won’t get you off the launch pad unless it syncs with your audience. What are their values, expectations, needs, and objectives? Your video will fade into the background unless it takes these elements into account.

Where will you get the lowdown on customers? Among the popular and highly-effective info-sources available to marketers are: social media exchanges; user surveys; responses and questions in your comment box; and searches for your brand keywords. Reach for these, and you’ll be inside the head of viewers in no time.

2. Know Yourself

Don’t forget your own little sweet self as you explore consumer territory. While the customer comes first in any video content strategy, your brand goals must be acknowledged and incorporated, as well.

The trick is to merge customer preferences with your own goals. After all, if your video concept hits home with consumers but sends your brand veering off on some unintended path, both sides lose in the long run. Ultimately, marketers must discover that elusive zone where customer and brand intersect.

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