How to Optimize Videos for Maximum Performance

How to Optimize Videos for Maximum Performance

How to Optimize Videos for Maximum Performance

The results are clear – properly optimized videos boost website traffic tremendously. Great. So what’s the best way to optimize your creations? Video marketers can start with these simple strategies.

First, incorporate keywords into your video title. This optimizes the title and makes it more visible to search engines. Word placement is crucial here – begin the title with your keywords or phrase. Doing so further enhances visibility. Even in the world of search engines, what is seen first makes the greatest impression.

Along with an optimized title, marketers should include a compelling description of video content. Currently, a minimum of 250 words is recommended. The benefits here are twofold: a crisp description helps search engines index your video. Plus, this text helps users know what your video is all about. Ideally, it’s exactly what they’ve been searching for.

Establishing the educational benefit of your video provides further optimization. Why? Because Google and its search engine counterparts show a marked preference for educational content. Not surprisingly, how-to videos and the like score the most points and generate the highest rankings. In a nutshell, your video must offer something of value.

And don’t forget the golden rule – quality is crucial. Users understandably prefer videos that can be seen and heard clearly. The clearer, the better.

You might be surprised to learn, however, that search engines are equally demanding when it comes to quality output. To ensure satisfaction, they’re equipped with specific algorithms that track the visual and audio performance of every scanned video. As you might expect, the better your video does in these departments, the higher they’re ranked. So don’t skimp -- both users and engines are absolute sticklers for quality.

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