How to Maintain (and Scale) a Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Maintain (and Scale) a Digital Marketing Strategy

As the digital marketing options proliferate, how do you pinpoint the strategies offering the most bang for the buck? Expert opinions vary on the subject, of course. But a glance at the marketing landscape reveals some proven winners on the march. Here are two strategies currently making major strides.

With a million ways to reach prospects, marketers often spread their resources thin in a valiant attempt to cover them all. Your greatest resources, however, may not be part of your operation. In fact, they might be clear on the other side the world. The resource herein referenced is your collection of fans and followers. Surely, you have some of those, right?

At present, the digital world abundantly rewards likes, follows, and shares. How do you get in on this action? First, don’t aim content solely at prospective and existing customers. Create blogs, videos, and other digital masterpieces that wow your followers, whether they be many or few. More often than not, messaging that rings their bell gets enthusiastically shared with others. These recipients, in turn, invariably continue the sharing if duly inspired. Where it ends is anybody’s guess. What better way to spread the word about your brand?

Digital marketers also can gain tremendous mileage by adapting the preview concept. This strategy is especially effective when telling a brand story. As with movie trailers, your story generates the most interest when divulged little by little through a series of highlights. The goal here is to whet appetites, not unload an entire saga. Once interest is piqued, prospects generally hunger for more. That’s when you roll out the entire story.

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