How to Increase Content Mileage


We’re all familiar with the process of recycling. But for content marketers, the re-use principle has its own, distinct value. More commonly known as repurposing content, the process seeks to get more mileage out of published digital material. In essence, it takes one form and presto -- changes it into many. Which means, a blog post isn’t just a blog post. With the right touch, the post transforms itself into multiple forms. Each form stands on its own, functioning as both a new item and as an extension of the original.

Content marketers have options galore when it comes to recyclable items. One of the premier choices is the blog. This format easily morphs into many usable variations. For instance, it’s a simple step to stretch a blog into a podcast. Just distill your talking points, develop them into an audio presentation, bring in a riveting speaker, and bingo – you’ve got podcast gold ready for consumption.

Podcast not your thing? OK. Blogs also make great launch points for newsletters, videos, white papers, e books, and more. Please note – the process is reversible. Videos, podcasts, and all the rest easily transition into blogs.

Of course, blogs aren’t the only conversion material. Recyclers can transform raw statistics into infographics, data into case studies, newsletters into guides, videos into podcasts – the possibilities are mind-boggling. In fact, marketers can get three, four, five, and more transformations out of one original source – blog post to webinar to video to social media post to newsletter to … The distance is yours to decide.

So why go through the drudgery of recycling? Because it offers a wealth of benefits. Among these is increased frequency of ‘new’ material, satisfaction for content-hungry users, and improved SEO performance (qualifies as updated content). Plus, it provides clear evidence that you’re worth every cent they pay you. And what could be better than that?

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