How Can Your Brand Marketing Escape the Garbage Heap?

How Can Your Brand Marketing Escape the Garbage Heap?

How easy is it to make unwanted emails just go away? As easy as pressing the spam or unsubscribe button — actions that many of us routinely perform with the greatest of glee. Not only does this decisive rejection rid us of unwanted messages, it instills a feeling of control and power in many if not most participants. And that’s a hard combination to beat — especially in brand marketing.

This isn’t exactly welcome news for brand marketing specialists carrying out costly email campaigns to stir up consumer interest. Frustrated advertisers, however, can take heart in one marketing fact of life – good old paper mail is still here and is not as easy to ignore. Admittedly, junk mail isn’t enthusiastically embraced by most people. And we certainly can delete ourselves from the source of our woes – direct mail lists. But the vast majority of us, either because of insufficient spare time or simple laziness, don’t bother to take the necessary steps to extract ourselves from the list of candidates. So most of the mail does go through, right into the mailboxes of intended recipients.

All of which suggests the optimum way to get the most out of messaging is by integrating digital and direct mail campaigns. Of course, brand marketing specialists must buy a direct mail list, as they would a collection of email recipients. However, the former are usually less expensive than the latter. So this option is great for the bottom line right off the bat.

Obviously, something that makes it into the mailbox has a much better chance of triggering a response than a message that vanishes into a spam folder and is never seen.  This isn’t just an assumption. The higher response rate for direct mail has been substantiated by statistics time and again.

Digital communications do come into play once a recipient opens a piece of direct mail. That’s because the printed message can direct him or her to specified web page that showcases a brand or product. Email simply won’t get them there as often or as quickly.

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