How to Get Royally Caught by Customer Radar


What’s your most important web page? Many, if not most, digital marketers would answer ‘the one they call home!’ Here’s where the customer journey often begins, after all. Hard to argue with that.

But what about where the journey continues? Marketers need some means of maintaining continued attention to their brand well into the future. For this purpose, nothing surpasses the opt-in page.

On the opt-in page, users make the critical choice – receive ongoing content or reject it. The brand outreach usually takes the form of emailed content such as a newsletter or product updates.

Make no mistake about it. The ongoing attention is vital for the overwhelming majority of brands. Without it, they’ll remain off the radar of prospects and customers, a dangerous place to be when battling stiff competition for user loyalties.

Opt-ins are gold, the individuals most likely to convert. That’s because they’ve signaled a clear appetite for your brand. Now it’s simply a matter of satisfying that appetite and building brand value with enticing content.

The effectiveness of an opt-in page rests in large part on the inclusion of critical building blocks. The first of these is the headline, which must be attention-getting and relevant to a particular user need or goal. In far too may cases, this crucial component is noticeably absent. Which means there is no reason for users to read on. And they likely won’t.

The immediate follow up to the headline is a list of advantages offered by your product or service. Nothing elaborate is required here. Short and sweet will encourage reading; lengthy will have the opposite effect.

The call to action is the closing touch in the three-step process of persuasion. Tell people exactly what you want them to do, which in this case is provide contact info for ongoing outreach. As they say, ‘ask and you shall receive.” Don’t assume they’ll read your mind. In this case, silence is not golden.

The final building block in the page construction process is the sign-up form. Digital marketers who’ve done their due diligence will be justly rewarded. Those who haven’t will have some explaining to do.

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