How to Get More Yelp Mileage

How to Get More Yelp Mileage

How to Get More Yelp Mileage

While many worthy brand-review sites are available for opinion sharing, Yelp stands as one of the most enduring. Introduced to the world in 2004 (yes, it’s been that long), the platform is still a powerhouse magnet for consumers of every stripe.

Given the status and popularity of Yelp, it behooves all businesses to capitalize on its notoriety-enhancing capabilities. Begin at the beginning – by establishing a place and identity on the platform. This means, create a Yelp business profile, which showcases select details about your enterprise. Operating hours, accessibility, sales, ordering procedures, etc. Not only does the profile share data, it increases online visibility. Basically, you’ll be known better and found quicker.  

With a profile in place, the next order of business is – you guessed it – generating reviews. But don’t start with customers. Those come later. Instead, get endorsements from your inner circle – friends, family, co-workers, people who owe you money. Their reviews amount to free advertising, which presumably will inspire contributions from others. Once the ball is rolling, widespread acclaim will be yours. 

Embedding a Yelp badge on your website also is beneficial. The badge tells users you’re on the platform and gives them quick, clickable access when they’re in a praise-heaping mood.

And don’t forget – Yelp reviews aren’t restricted to Yelp. You can spread the sugar throughout the online universe by reposting choice reviews on your favorite social media platforms. The idea, of course, is to achieve total saturation and maximum mileage. The effort may not give you superstar status, but it will give your brand a colossal boost.   

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