How Not to Stick Your Nose in Too Far

Digital Marketing Blog - 2.1.21

Few nagging inconveniences are worse than intrusive marketing – ads that burst into view during content browsing sessions. Or equally agonizing, ads that, well, resemble ads, planted on a web page like a sore thumb – or a nose sticking itself into unauthorized business. For many, if not most, they’re obvious, annoying, and rejection-prone. Which, no doubt, has prompted legions of digital marketers to adopt the ultimate countermeasure – the native ad. If you must stick the proverbial proboscis into digital space, the native ad is the way to do it with minimal interference. The unobtrusive intrusion few can reject.

The native ad is integrated and organic, designed to be part of the page and project a ‘built-in’ look. As such, it blends into any web environment like a chameleon. Unlike the average chameleon, however, it has much to say – and will say it in a non-pushy way. Without question, users across the globe appreciate its organic subtlety.

One particularly appreciative group is the expanding universe of Snapchat users. Representing the youth segment of the demographic spectrum, these individuals are highly resistant to polished, ‘professional-looking’ advertising. For them, conversational and organic is virtually mandatory, making native ads the ideal vehicle for this platform. In varying degrees, however, this minimally intrusive option is welcome by all, no matter what the demographic.

In addition to their non-nosiness, native ads offer a soothing sense of comfort to the content-viewing population. That’s because, by and large, the subtle messaging appears more trustworthy to users. The ad is not advertising, but informative, high-value content.

And, for the numerically inclined, this non-obtrusive digital marketing answers the universal question once and for all – how do brand marketers improve the click-thru rate (CTR)? One of the primary and most implemented ways is to deploy native ads. That’s right, these subtleties encourage clicks galore because of their acclaimed trustworthiness.

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