How Brand Marketers Can Win Round Two

Brand Marketers Can Win Round Two

Your brand has just been stung by a left hook. Some disgruntled upstart has jumped into Facebook and pummeled your reputation with negative comments. More follow. And the trickle threatens to become a full-blown storm.

You’re not alone. Sooner or later, many brands will take a punch from social media. That’s reality. You just can’t please everyone. However, you can shake off the hit and deliver a counter-punch. Here are some ways brand marketers can win round two in the PR fight.

Switch on the Radar. Nothing hits a company harder than a surprise thump on the noggin. You definitely want to be clued into any and all conversations concerning your company. When a storm is a brewing, you’ll know it. Resources such as Google Alerts or HootSuite will keep you one step ahead.

Socialize. When negative feedback seeps into social media circles, don’t ignore it. Left alone, it will become a flood. It is far better to find out who’s flinging the mud and respond to the complainers, as well as the general public.

Come Clean. Don’t duck a legitimate gripe. If an issue needs resolving, admit it. While you’re busy owning up, your strategists will be busy working on solutions. You, of course, will tell the world that fixes are forthcoming. Frequent communication is crucial.

The Answer Revealed. Once a resolution emerges, spread the good news with lightning speed. Inform the social media communities, the media, everyone who walks the earth. To bolster your PR punch, assure the world the shameful misstep will never happen again — and why.

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