Are You Giving Away the Deed to Your Data?

Are You Giving Away the Deed to Your Data?

Free ocean view homes along the California Gold Coast! First come, first served. According to the latest statistical research, the probability of this occurrence is approximately a gazillion-to-one. Most homeowners aren’t in the habit of giving away their high-value property. Then why, oh why, are so many brands essentially giving away access to their precious digital real estate? It happens all the time. Brands hand digital keys to technical people. But they forget to get duplicates.

One common giveaway area is the brand website. Generosity is surprisingly rampant within this arena. The misstep usually goes down something like this: A brand hires a specialist to design, develop, or manage the company website. Said specialist implements coding to create and access data. But through some glaring oversight, the company fails to make arrangements to share possession of the codes. Which means, if you ever want to transition to a new host, make your own custom modifications, or carry out other business requiring website access, you’re locked out! And some stranger has the only key.

The unwelcome result is that you’ll either be forced to plead with the possessor of the codes to gain access.  (Newsflash: They often don’t surrender the info.) Or you’ll be facing the costly alternative of starting from scratch. As in, building a whole new site.

Data giveaways aren’t limited to the website arena, of course. It’s also rampant within the realms of Google Analytics, social media, and other online hotspots.

The point is, you, the almighty brand can and should retain control of your digital data. This privilege can be established right off the bat by stipulating ownership terms in service agreements with technical personnel. If the tech team is internal, offer access only to those beloved individuals you dearly trust. Anyone else could be running off with the keys if they leave.

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