Get More Out of Your Content Marketing

Get More Out of Your Content Marketing

There’s a whole lotta sharin’ going on out there in web space. Videos, news, articles. The list is endless. So are the channels utilized to carry out all the sharing. But the wave of generosity is not limited to users, fans, and fanatics. Marketers are sharing product and service info with consumers at the same robust pace. Otherwise known as content marketing, these info giveaways are intended to build a solid bridge to consumers. Whether in the form of white papers, vids, infographics, or one of the million and one other available media, these resources are all about communication. Not about sales. Not at first, anyway.

Of course, eventually there must be a payoff for all this dedicated communicating. The problem is, marketers often face major lag times between the moment their info reaches consumers and the moment these consumers plunk down their hard earned greenbacks to make a purchase. Sure, all the fascinating material will engage users for hours and hours. But the buy decision, if it’s made at all, is often down the road a ways. And who can afford to wait? 

Fortunately, brand marketers have an opportunity to shorten the waiting period and bring some sales through the door. It’s all about sharing. No, not more content. There’s more than enough product and company data rushing through cyberspace. This kind of sharing involves cooperation among companies who are targeting similar consumer bases.

For instance, two or more business entities can share their similar audiences through a joint webinar. By combining forces, these companies in effect are pulling audiences from different sources, creating one, huge consumer pool. Potentially, a business can double or even triple the number of available eyeballs for their webinar.

Info sharing is another cost effective way to multiply prospects. This can be particularly effective for businesses that typically enhance each other’s brand. Example – A food supplier can amplify their blogs and newsletters with video and photos from a cookware manufacturer. And vice versa. Such partnerships automatically super-size two prospect pools into a much larger consumer group. Not a bad way to boost the odds of a sale.    

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