Get More Mileage from Less Data

  Get More Mileage from Less Data

You say you’re not a scientist wise in the ways of Big Data? No problem. There’s help for those of us who are informationally challenged. And the help goes by the name ‘small data’. That’s right. Just when everyone was getting ready to tackle the colossal challenges of Big Data, along comes this upstart. And it’s a good thing.

Think of small data as the quantity of information that comfortably fits on a single machine — such as the good ol’ dust-collecting desktop, or the average, hard-working server. It consists of apps, tools, and info that can provide instant enlightenment on topics most relevant to brand marketers, consumer buying patterns, for instance. Small data is not only easily accessed, it is easily shared with whomever, whenever.

For brand marketers, smaller data means smaller expenditures, which lends obvious appeal to this more compact system of information management. But lower cost is only part of the picture. Real value emerges when potential becomes results. To help brand marketers achieve the best possible results, here are three ways to maximize the potential of small data.

  1. Nobody pays attention to your message unless it connects on a personal level. Use the insights derived from small data as a foundation for building relevant online experiences audiences just can’t turn away from.
  2. Tune into the social buzz. Consumers are loading the social channels with valuable information by the truckload. Brand marketers should be combing the landscape, gathering all those testimonials, reviews, and comments. Then pour it all into the small data mix, stir, and mold it into powerful content.
  3. Small data alone won’t kick consumers into action. Brand marketers must translate the compact info into incentives. Among the more powerful action drivers are recommendations, well-aimed offers, and powerful messages that send consumer imaginations soaring.

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