How to Finish Last Place in the Marketing Race

How to Finish Last Place in the Marketing Race

Hey, all you brand marketers. You don’t really want your marketing strategy to succeed, do you? If it did, you’d have to waste time tallying up those soaring profits. Maybe even hire extra personnel to handle the swell of new orders. And think how much busier you’d be. When could you take those office naps?

Relax. Here are some fool-proof marketing tips straight from the halls of higher strategy. Implement these, and you’re guaranteed to stumble out of the starting gate and finish a distant last.


Right off the bat, you have to stifle any form of interdepartmental communication. Do everything possible to block the exchange of information with other teams. What is their business? Every department in its own space, shielding itself from outside influence. Now that’s how to prevent progress.

Cherry Pick Info

You’ve tapped into a data stream that supports your position. Great. Now cling to that information and ignore any other data that contradicts your position and pokes gaping holes in your theories. You’re right, no matter what the facts say.

Take Your Eye off the Ball

Marketing goals are something that demand full concentration. Therefore, you’re going to surrender to as many distractions as possible. You’ll be amazed at how many goals you’ll miss with this simple tactic.

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