Facebook Has Something to Show, Marketers.

Facebook Has Something to Show, Marketers.

Now you see it. Now you don’t. Or you might at a later date. It all depends. That’s the story with Facebook’s newest modification of their news feed ads. Here’s how it works: Ads touting products and services unpopular with users now will be hidden from their Facebook news feeds, never to be seen by their disapproving eyes again. Only ads of interest will remain in the lineup.

The People Have Been Heard

Facebook has a simple way of determining which ads make the cut and which are dumped into oblivion. It’s called, yes – user feedback. Basically, the social media powerhouse takes note of which types of ads a particular user reports or hides. If say, a viewer repeatedly pushes aside pitches for Fedora hats, then an algorithm picks up on the preference and electronically blocks future ads for the headwear. Only those users demonstrating a clear interest in the fashionable Fedora will continue hearing about them. The same principle holds true for any product or service category – electronics, autos, lion-taming lessons. If you don’t like, you don’t see.

Victory for Marketers

Ultimately, ad hiding means marketing messages won’t be wasted on uncaring souls. After all, there’s really no point in hawking Fedora hats to someone who’s a bona fide fanatic for the straw variety. Not only are misguided messages a waste of money and time, they’re bound to produce nothing but frustration. Ad hiding, on the other hand, is major step toward more targeted social media marketing. People will see only what they want to see, a benefit that obviously stands a much better chance of generating conversions.

Already, the updated algorithm is having an impact, with marketers reporting changes in news feed ad distribution. This, however, is only the beginning, as Facebook is planning other news feed modifications for the near future.

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