Facebook Now Provides Brand Marketing By the Pound


Who in a million years could have imagined that the humble pound sign (#) would soar from relative obscurity to online omnipotence. Reborn as the ‘hashtag’, the quartet of intersecting lines has become indispensable artillery on social media sites such as Twitter. The immense value of the now-ubiquitous hashtag is its world-famous ability to make particular topics and conversations a piece of cake to find in web space. The magic lies in the hashtag’s categorizing power.

For marketers, neat categories give consumers an easy link to mountains of brand buzz. Conversations swell to open forums covering a particular product or service from top to bottom. The almighty symbol also helps to improve user quality. Discussions packed into a specific topic zone typically draw only the most relevant users — the ones most likely to buy into the brand being covered.

Unable to ignore hashtag mania a nanosecond longer, Facebook is now supporting the super symbol. Many users may recall that rumors of the Facebook-hashtag connection were flying back in the spring. Obviously, the rumors were well-founded.

Thanks to Facebook’s backing, users of the social media powerhouse can plaster hashtags onto their posts as often as time allows. Of course, hashtags have been part of the Facebook scene for quite a while. But with this latest updating, the symbols are now conveniently clickable. This is a major leap forward. With a swift, nimble movement of a finger, a clicker can summons into view posts from everyone and anyone who has packed their entries with the same hashtag.

With enough clicks, Facebook-embedded hashtags can expand hot topics into super conversations of endless brand buzz.  This perhaps is the most encouraging prospect for marketers since the first television proclaimed the wonders of soap an cereal. Will brand marketers cash in on the Facebook-hashtag connection? Stay tuned.

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