Exploring the Marketing Frontier

Exploring the Marketing Frontier

Come along. We’re going to the Marketing Frontier. Pay close attention. We’ll be sighting some of the newest phenomena shaping the world of digital advertising.

Sighting 1 –Programmatic Direct


Adjustments have been made. Attitudes altered. Still, ad buying in a digital world is a mystery to most. As a result, marketers are seeking cleaner routes to their ad buys. Programmatic direct ad buying offers one of those paths.  In essence, programmatic direct completely automates the processes of ad buying in a variety of common situations. And it does so across all channels – from banners and tweets to articles and videos. Ultimately, the method enables marketers to pinpoint the most suitable ad space in the shortest amount of time.

The follow-up is equally gratifying. Service providers track and relay impressions, giving brands a quick and accurate picture of their progress.

Sighting 2 – Mobile Video Ads

First came the video blizzard. You couldn’t browse the Web without bumping into at least a half dozen. Then came the big question – how will brands integrate all those snappy vids with mobile devices?

Having an answer to this question is a very good idea. At this moment, about a third of all web traffic is generated by smartphones and tablets. And mobile usage is still on the rise. Logical Prediction: mobile traffic will get even thicker.

Mobile mania is sending a wake-up call to brands everywhere: create online ads that meld with the mobile world — or else. For video ads, this means quick, seamless streaming suitable for people on the go. Among the important considerations are things like font, image size, and length. Remember, what works on a laptop probably won’t do the trick on a small screen.

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